Littolo recognises that healthy imaginations need to be supported by healthy bodies. 

As a busy mum of two gorgeous kids, I admit that I have given my children a device to play with so that I can make a phone call or finish what I am doing without interruption.

But after seeing the dark effects of devices, I made the decision to create Littolo to empower parents by providing tools to give their children the best start to life – whether it be by reigniting the imaginations of their little ones or protecting them from nasties through safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly feeding options.

I acknowledge that technology has had a deep impact on our children, and whilst there are many benefits to learning using technology, there are also many adverse effects. Childhood obesity has reached an all-time high. Tech time has surely contributed to that.  Studies have also shown that regular screen time causes shrinkage in the “processing” regions of the brain.

Compare all of this to when a child is using their imagination, playing with “old school” games, or exploring the natural world around them. Pretend play is a critical part of the way children begin to process our world and develop on a social and emotional level. 

“A child with a healthy imagination often has a deeper outlook and understanding of the world around her or him”. Therefore, it is extremely important to give kids toys and activities that encourage them to think, There is growing scientific evidence which suggests analyse and develop their gross motor skills.

I hope our products assist in nurturing your child’s imaginative soul—and to help them flourish to their maximum potential.


Proud founder of Littolo