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Thank you for your purchase of the Littolo™ Crochet Unicorn Toy. Enjoy our tips and advice on how to create a safe sleeping environment for your precious baby by downloading your BONUS copy of the Baby Sleeping Guide at the link below.

Topics Covered in the Book

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Sleeping​

Newborn babies are sleepy little angels. Peek into the magical world of sleeping to understand the importance of routine and what it means to have a safe sleeping environment.

Baby Sleeping Family

Just because you have a new baby doesn’t mean you should not be putting effort into your marriage or rest of the family. It is still important to spend time with your spouse, other children and family, both with the baby and separately.

Try New Things Sleeping

Try different things and see which works best for you. Relax and have fun. What may at times seem like a lot of work at first, to get your baby to stop crying and start sleeping, this precious time flies by before you know it. Just love them and enjoy these new adventures.

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